Friday, 21 August 2015

BPO Companies in India

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing refers to non-core tasks that are carried on by a business process for another company. India is considered as a BPO hub as it has some of the world’s best companies that provide excellent business process outsourcing services.

The services offered by a reliable BPO Company India are as follows:

 Data Entry and Data Processing: Services related to data entry from books, images,
yellow pages, paper, websites, printed documents, business cards, receipts, catalogs,
mailing lists, bills and e-books are offered by these companies.

 Data Conversion Services: BPO services India include data conversion services for word processors, databases, software applications and spreadsheets. Conversion of raw data into different formats such as HTML, PDF, Acrobat or Word is also done.

 Telemarketing Services: These services include selling to existing customers, interacting with new customers and up-selling and promoting clients’ products and services.

 Insurance Processing: Claims processing, policy management, new business promotion
and policy maintenance.

 Book Keeping and Accounting Services: Maintenance of clients’ accounts, general
ledger, accounts payables and receivables, bank reconciliation statements and other
financial statements.

 Form Processing: Online Processing of forms, insurance claims form processing, payroll processing, medical forms and billing processing.

 Online Research: Services related to internet search, surveys, product research, web research, analysis and mailing list research.

There are several advantages of outsourcing services to a BPO Company India. These
advantages are as follows:

 Specialized services by skilled and trained professionals

 Cost benefits can be very advantageous to offshore companies

 Time zone advantages, which reduce time to delivery

 Improved customer satisfaction due to fast delivery and high quality services

 No training hassles for the in-house staff

 Better revenues

Rayvat BPO is a premier business process outsourcing company that offers reliable services to its clients. With trained and experienced personnel, we are able to provide high quality BPO services.